Thursday, October 21, 2010

Toy Story's Jessie Costume(edited)

Complete Outfit:
Posting How-to for hat tomorrow. 
Just wanted to share how CA-UTE S.R. looked:o)

Ya'll, I am so excited with how S.R.'s costume is turning out. For the past 3 months, S.R. has been talking about dressing up as Jessie for Halloween. E is going to be Buzz, and I purchased his costume a month ago b/c I knew that it would be sold out soon. I kept looking for a Jessie costume, and I never saw one. I finally looked on Target's Website and they had one....for $35! I Don't Think So! And it was UGLY.
So for any of you gals out there who has a little's a tutorial on how to make your own for less....WAAAY less.

Materials Needed for the Shirt:
Long Sleeve Polo Shirt(mine came from Target for $4)
Yellow Fabric
Blue and White Felt
Heat Bond(from Walmart)
Red Fabric Marker(or Sharpie)
Red Ric Rac
Sticky Back Velcro

These shirts are in the boys' section at Target. I got a 4T. It is slightly long in the arms, which is perfect.

To start out, you want to remove the buttons. (My apologies for the brightness of the pictures. I was doing this at night, so I had to use the flash.) If your button holes are too large like this one, go ahead and use a zig zag stitch to close it up.
 Next you will want to place the velcro where the buttons and button holes used to be.
If you squint, you can see the velcro;o)
Pretty easy so far, right?:o) Now you will want to grab your yellow fabric and heat bond. We will be making the yellow cuffs of the sleeves. 
Measure the width of the bottom of the sleeve, just above the cuff on the shirt. Add a 1/2" to that measurement. Decide how long you want your cuff to be. I made mine about 4". 
Cut your Heat Bond the dimensions that you measured out and lay on your yellow fabric. You will want to leave enough room to fold the fabric over once you have adhered the heat bond.
Follow the instructions for the Heat Bond. 
Once the fabric has cooled, cut around the edges where the fabric was adhered.
Now you will want to cut off the cuff on shirt. It will make it easier to sew the yellow cuff on.
Back to the yellow cuff. With Right sides facing, sew a 1/4" seam allowance on the edge.
Here comes the tricky part. And I hope I get this right:o) Take the RIGHT side of the cuff and the WRONG side of the sleeve and match raw edges. Sew a 1/4" seam. 
Flip the cuff out and fold it back on the sleeve. Press, and stitch in place.

Next are the buttons. You can use blue or grey felt for this, but all I had was blue. You will need to cut out 3 different sized circles. I cut a 2", 1.5" & a slightly more than 1" circle. If you have a circle cutter, it makes this task really simple. 
Use these circles as your patterns. The Largest and Medium circle will be the buttons for the front of the shirt. Cut 2 Blue Large Circles. Cut 2 Medium White Circles.
Cut the same amount for each from the Heat Bond. Apply the bottom circles first and then the top. Since felt is a little thicker, you will need to hold the iron down a few seconds longer for the heat to penetrate.

For the cuffs of the sleeves, you will use the Medium and Smallest Circles for your patterns. Same steps as above, just make sure to apply on the BACKS of the sleeves.
Go back to your yellow fabric. You are going to lay the fabric on top of the shirt and trace around the neck and sleeves. Use a fabric pencil if you have one. Make sure to make the points down at the bottom of the breast.
Cut along the lines that you traced and you should have something that looks like this.
Once you have it the way you want it, cut out more Heat Bond and apply it to the back of the fabric. Lay it back on top of the shirt exactly where you will be ironing it in place, and grab your scissors again. You need to cut a slit where the shirt opens up. Now iron in place.
Use the square side of your ironing board to make things easier.
We're almost there....
Grab your pencil again. This is the part that may scare some of you....Free Hand time;o) I used a picture I found online of Jessie and just free handed the squiggly red lines on the yellow. Use a pencil first and then go back over it with your red marker.
The pencil lines show up a little better on this picture.
Once you have the lines where you want them, trace over them with the red marker and it should look a little something like this.
Next, sew your ric rac along the bottom edge of the yellow.
And that's it for the shirt. 
In all I think the shirt cost about $6-$8. Thankfully I already had some of this stuff.
Now for the Cow Print Chaps.
Jessie's are attached just below the hip bone, but I made these to go all the way up to the waist.

Materials needed for the Chaps:
Cow Print Fabric(1/2 yd for 4T. Can get this at Walmart)
Black Double Wide Bias Tape
Pattern for Pants(Front side only)

Cut out 2 FRONT pant legs from any pants pattern
Stitch seam along crotch. Press seam. Sew bias tape all the way around edges, except for the waist line. Just outside edges.

Next you need to fold down the waist to make a the hole for the elastic. I folded down 2". Turn under the raw edges and press. Stitch the seam.
For the belt, I used the left over Bias Tape and a 10" piece of elastic. I sewed the bias tape on either end of the elastic. Run the belt thru the opening at the waist. Stitch ends to secure.
These cost around $3.50 to make.
So for less that $12, I made this super cute costume..
 Easy as pie and now you can have some pie since you saved all that money by making your own:o)
If you have any questions on this tutorial, please feel free to email me. I am not always clear on my instructions;o)

On Monday, I will share with you all the hat that goes with this costume....Ya'll have a great weekend, ya hear!